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Time to shop from our sofas again. Take a look at some lovely gift ideas and order online.

Well, yet again, the world has gone topsy-turvy. I am sure we are all feeling like we are having to change direction every five minutes! Anyway, I guess the term is if we have lemons, we might as well make lemonade!

I will be back in the studio this week as I complete some lovely little #festive bits and pieces to add to my online shop, but here is a little preview of some of the styles I have been enjoying working with.

My #garden has been giving back in so many ways, and I have particularly enjoyed making these little #leaf dishes taken from cuttings from the #Ferns and #Clematis in the garden. My lodger spends a great deal of time tending things out there and she was a little bemused when she kept finding the heads cut off all the ferns, until I showed her how they were used to make these pieces.

Have a little browse through my shop - there are lots of lovely, original and unique affordable pieces that will be just perfect #Christmas gifts for all the people you love, and are small and easy to post.

If you would like me to make you something specific then just drop a line to me at the studio at and we can have a chat about making you something a little more personal.

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