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Just as lockdown began the tadpoles were starting their journey in life in my garden pond., as lockdown eases, the adult frogs are to be found basking in amongst the Iris, watching me with a wary eye if I come too close.


This lovely little bowl is made using a selection of handpulled and flameworked glass, studio made "pebbles and rocks", with a delicate layer of tinted glass giving it a wonderful lifelike feel.   With delicate handpainted details, when placed in a lit spot the reflections thrown by the glass shimmer and move like the gentle ripples made as the frogs practice their slow breastroke across the quiet water..   


This dish will fit well within any home.   Using a beautiful mix of pulled, flameworked and tinted glass in subtle shades of cream, grey, blues and delicate greens, decorated with handmade glass pepples made in the studio,  this is a one off piece, signed and dated, that marks a time in our life when many of us have been forced to reflect and regroup .  A heavy and solid piece of glass, that pulls you in deeper the more you look at it. 


Pondlife has been fired to bring out  the texture of the individual pieces of hand cut glass, giving the illusion of rippling water, which looks particularly stunning when placed in an area where it can catch a little light as the sun moves throughout the day.


Until Lockdown is fully lifted and the pressure on the NHS has been eased, I will be donating 20% of sales from this collection to the #NHSHeroes Appeal. - #LoveYourHospital is the official charity for West Sussex Hospitals and is supporting the health and wellbeing of the tremendous staff at St Richard's, Worthing and Southlands Hospitals who have looked after me and my family on many occasions over the years.Dimensions: approx  12 cm Diameter, 3 cm deep.



Life begins in the Pond - Fused and handpainted Studio glass

  • Due to the enamels used in the decoration of this piece, this bowl is not suitable for food use.   It can be cleaned gently with soap and warm water but please do not clean it in the dishwasher.   

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