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Personalised Gifts and Awards

We are often asked to make bespoke personalised gifts and awards.  If you are looking for a one off piece for a special occasion then why not contact us.  We can work from your designs or photos to come up with an original idea within your budget.

Memory Mandala Bowl

Created for our Client as an anniversary gift.  This bowl is hand coloured and hand painted.  We start with the Central panel depicting where they met and were married.  Followed by the inner circle which shows their first and current homes, plus all the countries they have visited.  We then included their names in the outer band and throughout the piece are depictions of other memories, with colouring to the edge to show the Aurora Borealis and the Great Barrier Reef.  Truly a piece that will be treasured for years.

Candle/Window Curve

A wedding gift. Copied from the original wedding invitation, this window curve is designed to sit in the window or have a candle displayed behind it.

Candle/Window Curve

A lovers gift.  With the Chinese sign for Double Happiness and a Yin Yan Motif contained within a Mandala pattern, this lantern can be used inside and outside.